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Words of Appreciation

"I can honestly say that I am on my way to building a successful business with FINISH as my guide. What I really took to heart was her explanation about time management and how we can't manage time, we can only collaborate with time. When you accept that and learn to work with time, you find yourself more focused and less anxious." - Solopreneur with ADHD

"Season your your mind is your greatest strength during hard times. When the energy is not so positive, your mind can bring it back around if you will it to.” LOVED this sentence and will gift this book to several a friend who’ve put off today what they need to FINISH to be FINISHed! - MBA Graduate

"As I am trying to build up my own business, I also have to take care of my special needs daughter who relies on me for just about everything. Some days, I just don't know how I am going to get most things done. However, in reading FINISH: The Solopreneur’s Guide to Getting Stuff Done, I now know that by following this guide, I can get things done and have time for sleep and a personal life." - Mother and Entrepreneur

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"Although the book has “solopreneur” in its title, the tips and advice given by the author can extend to almost anyone - really any individual looking to finish a project he or she has already started or looking for motivation to even start one." - Full-time professional with personal goals

"I was a little skeptical when I first started reading the book, not sure how much I’d be able to get out of it having spent a lot of time developed a framework for myself and having had a pretty good track record. However, Vanessa’s passion, humor and openness shine through her words, and got me hooked after reading just a few paragraphs. Most important of all, the book helped me get back into one of the few things I’ve wanted to do but struggled to start for a while. Excited to now have FINISH in my toolbox - something I could reference if I get stuck again for any future projects." - Stanford Graduate and Entrepreneur

"It gives you tangible actions that you can take. I especially enjoyed the mental actions that it provided. I found myself doing the action items at the end of the chapter. The outcomes have been beneficial." - Supply Chain Executive of 16 years 

"Planning is valuable and nice, but taking action and learning is the most important thing to master. This book will be a valuable tool and piece of content for anyone looking to finish what they want to start" - Startup Business Advisor


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